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Sponsorship Opportunities

Individual and Corporate Sponsorship is the most crticial aspect of what Carp's Cancer Crushers is all about.  It is these sponsorships that make up the bulk of our charitable giving.  All donations are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt showing your contribution.  


Hole Sponsors:

Our primary fund raising function is our year ending event - the annual golf tournament.  This is our main platform for individual and corporate sponsorship opportunities.  Hole Sponsors are asked to make a minimum $200 donation to Carp's Cancer Crushers (we always love to get more!).  For that donation, you will be recognized at the event via our sponsor list, your name on a sign at one of the golf holes, plus a commemorative plaque recognizing your contribution.


We also ask (but don't require) that hole sponsors make a donation for the raffle at the awards ceremony following the golf event.  So that we don't get too many "smalls", we ask that each raffle item have a value of $50 and up.

Presenting Sponsors:

We offer presenting sponsorship opportunities for our Cribbage Tournament ($500) and Balloon Memories ($500).  There will be only one sponsor allowed for each of these events and you will receive special, individual recognition at the event you choose to sponsor.  For the Balloon Memories, we also ask that the presenting sponsor give a special raffle prize (gift certificate, golf bag, golf club) valued at $100 or more.  Each balloon purchase of $15 will be entered to receive this special prize and the sponsor will receive individual recognition when it is given away.


Golf Tournament Sponsor:

For $3,000, we offer a single Tournament Sponsorship opportunity for our golf tournament.  The tourney sponsor will receive top billing on all materials and will be recognized individually at the awards ceremony.  We ask (but don't require) that the Tournament Sponsor also provide a raffle prize valued at $100 or more.


Raffle Prize Donations:

We sell A LOT of raffle tickets during our golf tournament so we like to have A LOT of great awards to entice as many ticket sales as possible.  Just about anything makes for a great raffle prize.  We do ask that all raffle prizes be of value of $50 or more. Smaller items can be grouped together to make package prizes or basket prizes.  We try not to have too many small items in order to keep the awards ceremony moving along and keep our golfers engaged.

To become a sponsor or discuss sponsorship options:

CALL JEFF @ 651-983-9052



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